Health is a delicious Children are a unique individual. He was not a small adult. But he is a private figure who was in its infancy, physically, mentally and intellectually.

Health is an outcome that requires a process or business. Understanding the importance of personal hygiene should be started early, so that results can be felt in the future. Health education should be taught from an early age in children, because healthy children also reflect a healthy family.

In providing health education for children, parents and teachers are often only limit on the health of the body only. In fact, it not only discusses the physical body, but also related to mental health, changes in attitudes, changes in habits and a shift in perspective.
Prevention and awareness should be a priority. We should tell the children about how to prevent and protect them from illness. We need to teach the things small and simple that they can do themselves about health.

Some healthy habits following are examples of health education we can teach children, namely:
Diligent Cleaning Yourself
Bathing twice a day, brush teeth, diligent hand washing with soap to clean, cut nails and clean their hands and feet, using a clean and tidy clothes.

Diligent Environmental Cleaning
Help parents clean the house, no littering, likes to clean private bedrooms
Healthy Eating
Eat nutritious foods and drinks, no snacks that are not guaranteed carelessly clean / not hygienic, limit snacks or snack, do not overeat to avoid obesity, equip children to distinguish between good and bad foods for health.
The Healthy Living Patterns
Regular and adequate sleep, exercise regularly and routinely, stay away from drugs, cigarettes, liquor, etc.

Teach children about health education so that they have a habit of healthy living is not enough just passing advice. Most importantly, parents must be a positive example for children.

If you do not want your child to smoke, show them you do not have that habit. If you do not want to have a child obesity, reduce the habit of eating fatty foods at home. Children always imitate the habits and behavior of people in surrounding areas

Try to involve children in making healthy activity plan that will be done together, such as a family cycling event or try this recipe healthy food.

Introduce children to the various types of sports activities from an early age is also an example of health education is important. For example by way of providing exercise equipment at home, such as rackets or basketballs.

Children are our future generation that will replace our existence. A healthy child will usually grow into a healthy adult human.

A healthy person will have many opportunities in life in the world compared to those ailing. For that, let us teach health education in our children with a variety of methods so that they can become healthy children.
Healthy is good, then it is very important we are to maintain health

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