There are some things that should be on notice to make children become intelligent, genius, and creative 
This is a very important brain ammunition. Children who are malnourished generally have less developed brains. Consumption of fish is enough, milk, vitamins, and minerals is the right ammunition for the brain. Whatever course you give to your child without giving him the right food, to fill the room without reinforcing the walls. Nutrition is the raw material for cellular processes, especially for the development of brain structures.
Toys / games smart kids

The more varied your child's environment, the better brain development. Colors, shapes, different people, the atmosphere is varied, and others stimulate the brain more easily than the homogeneous. If you create an environment that is rich with game, your child's brain develops very rapidly. Therefore, whenever possible, a bed, a place to learn (especially in schools), and family room can be changed at any given time period. You need to also take him to places filled with new things, like on the beach, mountains, and others. The more varied environment, the faster the nerve cell connections occur.

Emotional experience
The limbic system is more mature than the first skin of the brain. As a result, children become very sensitive to emotional stimuli and experiences. All emotional experiences given in this age range 0-7 years will be very influential in shaping the network among nerve cells. At this age, self control, patience, cooperation, empathy, and others more easily trained and ingrained in the brain than math, reading, or other calculative activities. Do not forget, emotional maturity is more critical to the success of your child in the future than the ability to count and play computer.

Stimulation rational
The things new (novelty), challenging (challenge), coherent (coherent), and full of meaning (meaningful) affect the brain faster than the common things and ordinary. If every day you introduce new words to your child, new techniques in arithmetic, tasks are challenging and full of meaning (for example, create a physics experiment with regard to matters of daily), his brain will develop faster . Things that are challenging, like finding a specific shape in many forms, can reproduce the nerve cell connection. Origami (paper folding art) is one way to reproduce the nerve cell connection. Attention of details also stimulate the brain. Give a gravel or leaves to children. Ask them to look at plot, colors, shapes, and other characteristics that are not visible if only seen at a glance. Attention on the little things, especially the shape and color, making the nerve synapse multiply.

Physical activity
Physical activity affects the brain in three ways: 1) improve blood circulation to the brain. That is, oxygen, sugar, and nutrients also increases. 2) Influence the production of hormones NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), and 3) stimulate dopamine production. This substance is an important function in managing feelings (mood) of your child. The more frequent and skilled he is doing physical activity, the better the brain development.

Five of the above does not stand alone. Everything complements each other and affect each other. You may not prioritize and prioritize one of the other. If you must choose a major, it is advisable to train your children's emotions first. Emotional maturity require time to develop. While the rational intellect can you improve anytime you want.