Choose a place to conduct educational insurance Best for your future 
Most people choose insurance products Education to prepare fund their children's education. There is also a vote Savings Education. Education insurance issued by insurance companies, while savings of Education issued by the Bank. 
Alternative investment products other than gold. Sure, gold has different properties because of the benefits you'll get is the price that could rise and fall. In addition, the new benefit will be obtained when you successfully sell your gold back. If not, it benefits not yet in hand. Still on the paper.

Another alternative is a lot, like stocks or mutual funds. The difference, in stocks or mutual funds, generally your risk may be greater. And again, most people also do not understand about what it is mutual funds. 
In principle, all investment products that have the possibility to be able to give flowers (such as savings or time deposit) or increase in value (such as stocks or mutual funds) can be used as an alternative investment to prepare the children's education fund. Of course, every investment product has advantages and disadvantages of its own, and different risks. The important thing, trying to identify the product before entering into it. Do not until you do not understand the product, but directly enter into it. I could have your money runs out. 

Positive consideration of this educational insurance program are: 
  • Ensure you have sufficient funds to finance education 
  • Children according to plan, even though something unexpected happened  yourself 
  • Can choose a good university, classy and famous. 
  • To improve discipline in saving money 
  • Facility to receive profit-sharing investment / high return 

Everything back to you who will choose, the best to you and the best for you

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