• is part of the overall health Efforts (promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative) That focuses on Efforts to increase is healthy behavior.
  • It is an effort to make people behave or Adopt health behaviors by way of persuasion, persuasion, appeal, call, give information, Provide awareness and so forth.
  • Efforts Agara behavior of individuals, groups and communities have a positive influence on the maintenance and improvement of health.
  • The concept: penkes an effort to influence / encourage others (individuals, keompok, society) for healthy living behavior. Operationally: penkes is all activities to Provide / improv Knowledge, Attitudes and community practices in maintaining and Improving Health.

Health education is a major intervention on behavior, but three other factors also require health education intervention.
OUT PUT health education is health behavior, or behavior to maintain and improve health conditions.

Scope of Health Education:
1. Promotive aspects of health education on
2. Health education on preventive aspects
3. Health education on curative aspects
4. Health education in rehabilitative aspects.

Place of Execution:
1. Health education on family
2. Health education in schools
3. Health education in the workplace
4. Health education in a public place
5. Health education in health care institutions.