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National Online Insurance School is a nationwide certified pre-license insurance school headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, United States. Established in 2008, former Florida insurance online school, and offers a variety of pre-licensing education notes insurance license, insurance, the goal is to become a leader among the life, health, education, insurance variables. In addition to meeting the individual requirements of pre-licensing, he participated in national insurance online, so students have the opportunity to participate in the program for student reference, so that every student be rewarded points for training every new applicant.
Online Insurance Institute is the national pre-school education by the state insurance license to provide online training, life, pension, health, life and pension variables, labels, cards for health insurance. Virtual Classroom a film based entirely on full screen flash and the National Education Examinations Institute offers online insurance simulate nonlinear way of life. Unlike the scheme, usually found in the classroom, students enter the school can learn quickly, online insurance issues for teachers by email and telephone.
Completion of the program, students must pass the exam, 70% of the Internet to obtain credit for the course. When a person has passed the examination, students must pass entrance exams and then get insurance license.

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